We're hiring agents

What are we looking for?
At Silverstone Commercial we are looking for motivated, self-starting individuals who want to work in a team environment. At Silverstone Commercial we have different experience levels to fit your needs. Whether you are a seasoned Commercial Real Estate agent looking for a new environment or a new agent just starting in the business, we want to talk with you and see if Silverstone Commercial is the right fit for you.
What is Silverstone Commercial?
Silverstone Commercial is a full service Commercial Real Estate firm. We work with all types of Commercial Real Estate and those who need Commercial Real Estate services. We work with Landlords looking to Buy, Sell, or Lease and those looking to Buy or Sell. Our focus is more on the client and less on the type of product. We give our agents flexibility to work on the types of listings they feel comfortable with. Our agents have worked on just about every facet of the Commercial Real Estate world including Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi Family Residential, Warehouses, R&D, and special purpose listings including Churches, Schools, Marinas, and more. We have expertise in development projects including multi family developments, retail centers, and office buildings. We allow you the freedom to work on different types of products and with different types of clients.
Work from home program:
For most agents, an office setting is not necessary. Agents might have a home office, a small office they work from already, or they own a building where they can make their own office and work from. Our work from home program offers agents the ability to pay a nominal fee monthly fee and a small split per transaction. Keep the expenses low and put more money in your pocket. Call or email us to find out more about our Work from home program.
For those with 5+ years’ experience
Our splits are some of the best in the industry. We are looking for experienced agents and we want to reward our agents by making you more money. It’s hard enough to finish a deal, so why give the majority of your commission away? Talk with us and see how our commissions stack up to the other firms.
Are you a new agent looking to become a Commercial Real Estate agent?
Great! We want to work with you, train you, and have you work with one of our Seasoned agents to help make you successful. This is a career with a very low success rate. To help make you successful, we have implemented tools and we help work with you by giving company referrals to get you started. We want you to build your own clientele. We are here to help you learn the business and we are here to help make you successful.
Company Referrals
It's important to us that we see our agents succeed. When we get a company referral, we pass out our referrals to our agents and let our agents work on referrals.
Refer another Agent to Silverstone Commercial
We want to recruit good agents and the best way we can do that is by having our agents recruit other agents. When an agent refers another agent, the referring agent will receive a referral commission out of the houses split for the entire time both agents are at the firm. We want to build unity and we want our agents to make money. As a team, we can build the agency and if you’re part of the team, we want you to make as much money possible. By helping bring in better agents, we want to reward you. Not just with a small referral fee, or a referral fee for a short period of time, we want you to make the residual income by helping build the Silverstone Commercial team.
Back End CRM System:
At Silverstone Commercial we have our own proprietary CRM system that tracks all your deals, contacts, tasks, and helps to keep you organized. You will have control and can make your own flyers, add or change listings on the website, and create your own invoices. We also have our admins that can help do this for you too. We want you to be as self sufficient as you want to be and see your statistics at a glance. Our goal is to make help streamline your business to help make you successful.

For More information about how you can join Silverstone Commercial contact: