David Silberstein
  • DRE Number:
  • 02085393
Phone Number:(408) 781-4954
Languages known:English
Summary of Real Estate Experience
  • Silverstone Commercial
    2017 – Present
  • Meacham Oppenheimer
    2012 – 2017
  • Ritchie Commercial Real Estate Firm
    2010 – 2012
  • APAD, LLC Property Redevelopment
    1998 – 2019

David started his career at the age of 20 when he opened his first retail business in Santa Clara. Within a few years, his one-person business grew to over 40 employees and 7 locations. David learned the trade of using his business to purchase properties. Over the years, David would buy a retail building, rehabilitate the properties by using his business and within 12-18 months sell the building and use the proceeds to purchase a larger facility. Over the years his retail business turned into an online business where David was able to purchase a large warehouse in Santa Clara, California.

When the market turned for the worst in 2008 and the establishment of other online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay, his business started to slow down. As his business started to scale back, David used his experience and expertise to turn his larger properties into multi-tenant warehouses and created 3 times the amount of income.

In 2010, David decided it was time to let go of the business, keep the properties he owned, and start working with others and use his expertise in Real Estate and become a commercial real estate agent. David Started at Ritchie Commercial and soon found his way to Meacham/Oppenheimer. After 7 years, David was one of Meacham/Oppenheimer’s highest producing agents with over $100 million in Sales over a 3-year period and more than 400 transactions to his name.

David decided it was time to use his expertise as an entrepreneur and create Silverstone Commercial. Silverstone Commercial was founded in 2017 and uses the same principles that David learned at both Ritchie Commercial and Meacham/Oppenheimer. David has also worked with many different developers, owner/user clients, and investors to find locations throughout the state of California and most of the western part of the United States. David has been involved in numerous 1031 exchanges and found properties outside his immediate geographical location to obtain a higher return on his client’s investments.

David uses his experience to help educate his clients by listening to their needs and understanding what they are looking to achieve. Whether it’s an owner/user, developer, or an investor, David has been able to help numerous clients and most of his clients today work exclusively with David to find the next opportunity.

Since David began Silverstone Commercial, David has been looking for other agents with the same self-motivation, drive, and client first attitude that has made him successful in Commercial Real Estate. David has built a team that is here to help Silverstone Commercial’s clients be successful.

Below you will find a condensed resume of some of David’s past Sales and Leasing. David works on many different types of transactions including Retail, Office, Warehouse, and Specialty properties including schools and development opportunities. Each type of property has its own unique way of marketing and David works hard to understand what the buyer is looking for in his marketing.

Current and Past Projects
  • 7,282 sq ft Premier Investment Property, Belmont, CA
  • 8750 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, CA
  • 41,000 sq ft Warehouse in Gilroy
  • 53,000 sq ft Development Site San Jose
  • 24,000 sq ft Development Site San Jose
  • 30,000 sq ft Showroom/Warehouse Oakland
  • 13,000 sq ft Warehouse Oakland
  • 13 Unit Apartment Building San Mateo
  • 8 Unit Apartment Building San Mateo
  • 8 Unit Apartment Building Belmont
  • 12 Unit Apartment Building Cupertino
  • Walgreens – Cornelius Oregon
  • 39,000 sq ft Retail/Office Building Newark
  • 42,000 sq ft building in Campbell
  • 34,000 sq ft Strip Center New Construction Newark
  • 25,000 sq ft Office Building San Jose
  • 500,000 sq ft on Cannery Row, Monterey
  • 2 Acre Development Site San Jose
  • 13,880 sq ft For Sale Gilroy
  • 4,200 sq ft Building Hayward
  • 9,200 sq ft Building San Jose
  • 5,100 sq ft Building San Jose
  • 9,468 sq ft Building on El Camino Real
  • 8,700 sq ft Industrial Building For Sale
  • 14,000 Building on S. 1st Street For Sale/Lease
  • 8,000 Building - S 1st Street For Sale
  • 10,424 Auto Lot - S 1st Street For Sale
  • 2,450 sq ft Industrial Building Almaden Expressway For Sale
  • 3,960 sq ft Mixed-Use Retail Building Park Avenue
  • 4,300 sq ft Mixed-Use Retail Building Park Avenue
Recent Transactions
  • Concord: 9,200 sq ft Office Building
  • Brentwood: 2 Acre Preschool Site
  • Pleasant Hill: 1.5 Acre Preschool Site
  • Santa Ana: 6,500 sq ft Office Building
  • Lake Forest: 2,000 sq ft Office Building
  • San Rafael: 5,000 sq ft Office Building
  • San Jose: 24,000 sq ft Development Site
  • San Jose: 5,000 sq ft Retail Building
  • Petaluma 2 Acre Parcel with 7 Houses
  • Hayward 4,300 sq ft Building
  • San Jose 4,000 sq ft Restaurant
  • San Jose 5,000 sq ft Retail
  • San Jose 1,290 sq ft Office
  • San Jose 2,490 sq ft Office
  • San Mateo 4,000 sq ft Retail
  • Newark 1855 sq ft Retail
  • Newark 1584 sq ft Restaurant
  • San Jose 4,500 sq ft Warehouse/Retail
  • Santa Clara 3,960 sq ft Warehouse
  • San Jose 5,770 sq ft Retail
  • Caffino Drive-thru
  • Newark 1,800 sq ft Retail
  • Santa Clara 6,100 sq ft Retail
  • San Jose 6,500 sq ft Retail
  • Danville 4,200 sq ft Retail
  • San Jose 3,750 sq ft Office
  • San Jose 4,300 sq ft Retail Building
  • Morgan Hill 5,800 sq ft Retail Building
  • Santa Clara 1,200 sq ft Warehouse
  • San Jose 88,000 sq ft Lot with 12,700 sq ft Retail and warehouse
  • San Jose 5,555 sq ft Office Building N 1st Office
  • Cannery Row Monterey, 2,180 sq ft Retail
  • Cannery Row Monterey, 2,300 sq ft Retail
  • Cannery Row Monterey, 1,400 sq ft Retail
  • Cannery Row Monterey, 1,600 sq ft Retail
  • San Jose, 1,850 sq ft Restaurant
  • San Mateo, 1,500 sq ft Restaurant
  • San Jose, 4,300 sq ft Retail
  • Sunnyvale, 1,300 sq ft Retail
  • Santa Clara, 5,500 sq ft Industrial
  • Santa Clara, 6,300 sq ft. Industrial
  • San Jose, 4,000 sq ft. Retail
  • Milpitas, 3,500 sq ft Retail
  • San Jose, 4,000 sq ft Retail
  • Cupertino, 3,200 sq ft Retail
  • San Francisco 3,200 sq ft Retail
  • Cupertino, 3,500 sq ft Retail
  • San Jose, 7,700 sq ft Industrial
APAD CORPORATION Real Estate Investment Company 1998 – Present
  • Redeveloped Commercial and Residential Properties.
  • Innovative business creation to drive profitability during tenant vacancy periods.
Personal Properties Purchases and Sold
  • 2010-Present: 1708 Philo Road: Sold Burger King Urbana IL
  • 2007-Present: 2735 Scott Blvd Santa Clara. 17,000 sq ft warehouse.: Had plans drawn up and approved by the city of Santa Clara for a 7,200 sq ft. food retail center.
  • 2015-Present: 383 1st Street. Gilroy, CA. 6,200 sq ft. Restaurant and Office building.
  • 2004-2006: Purchased Land in Beverly Hills Ca. to develop 2 houses.
  • 2002-2004: 1126 Second St (In Old Sacramento) Sacramento, CA 95816: Purchased and Sold 17,00 sq ft retail building.
  • 1999-2003 947 Park Ave. San Jose, CA 95126: Purchased and Sold Mixed use with 2 commercial spaces and 3 residential units on top.
  • 1998-1999 940 Park Ave. San Jose, CA 95126: Purchased and Sold Mixed use with 2 commercial spaces and 2 residential units on top.
  • 1994-1996: Washington State University
    Pullman, WA Undergraduate Studies
  • 1997-2001: San Jose State University
    San Jose, CA B.A. Fine Arts
  • 1990-1994: Saratoga High School
    Saratoga, CA High School
For References of past owners/tenants I have worked with, please let me know and I will provide you with a list.