Work from home
Why spend extra money working from an office when you can work from home and keep more money. Here is how our work from home program works.
You work hard to earn a commission and we want you to keep more of the money you make. Therefore, at Silverstone Commercial we are looking for self motivated, self starting, real eastate agents capable to work from home. We still provide our work from home agents with the same back end support, but since Silverstone Commercial saves money by not paying for your desk fees, we are able to offer you better splits.
How it works: Work from home agents set up a home office or the agent can rent a small office in their neighborhood. The agent pays for their office space, office supplies, signs, and other business related expenses to run their home business. Each agent will still be provided with the support from Silverstone Commercial and use our back end system.
  • Work from home agents keep 90% of all commissions they earn.
  • Back end use of our proprietary CRM system: $100 per month.
  • E&O Insurance: Approximately $100 per month. This fee fluctuates annually depending on the number of agents we have.
  • Agent pays for all signage, marketing material, and how signs are put up.
  • Agent pays for their own office and office supplies including phone and printer.
  • Agent pays for all flyers to be printed and distributed.
  • Agent pays broker $150 per transaction to review all final contracts.
  • Agent pays their own Loopnet.
  • Agent pays their own CoStar.
  • Agent pays their own MLS Listings.
  • Agent is able to deduct all office costs and office materials including signs. Talk to your accountant for more details.
What Silverstone Commercial Provides:
  • Work from home agents are provided with the same broker support as all Silverstone Commercial agents.
  • All your listings will be presented on our website and marketed throughout the Silverstone Commercial community.
  • Work from home agents will be marketed on our website and will be able to work on company referrals just like any other agents.
  • Access to our back-end CRM system which provides agents with contacts, transactions, listings, and tracks your sales so you know how well you are doing.
  • Silverstone Commercial provides the marketing material for all agents including the making of your flyers. Work from home agents will print and pay for their own flyers.
  • Marketing material including making of flyers.
  • Silverstone Commercial provides our work from home agents the same support from our admins and brokers as all other agents.
  • Our back end CRM system makes it easy to send marketing material and other tasks to our admins through our back end task manager.
  • Support from the admins and broker.
  • Our work from home agents will have the same access to our company referrals from our website and referrals in their respected areas.
  • Referrals from our website.
  • For those that need health insurance, Silverstone Commercial is a member of CAR. As a member of CAR, you have access to the health insurance provided by CAR. Yes, there is an annual CAR fee.
  • Our work from home agents do not need to live in an area by our company office. Our work from home agents can work anywhere in the state of California. However, just like all our agents, our work from home agents will need to respect the Silverstone Commercial guidelines and just like all Silverstone Commercial agents. All deals will need to be submitted to Silverstone Commercial for broker approval.

We are looking for agents that are self starters and motivated. Agents that are team players and know they do not need the office environment to make their business successful.

Does this sound like you? Give us a call and let's discuss the opportunity Silverstone Commercial can provide to make real estate a successful business!

Qualifications for Home at work program:
It's easy to qualify, all you need is an active DRE license, be a self starting, motivated person, and hang your license with Silverstone Commercial!
How does it work:
Every Silverstone Commercial agent works through out back end CRM program. Within the CRM, you can keep track of all your contacts. Each agent must enter their transactions into the CRM which keeps track of all your sales for you. From there, our admins and brokers are able to have access to your transaction files, invoice the client, collect the commission, and pay you right away. You are able to see the entire process.
Each month the agent is required to pay directly from a bank account their fees for the CRM and E&O insurance. We can also bill you monthly if you want to add Loopnet, CoStar, MLSListings.
All other charges will be deducted directly from the agent commissions which include 10% of all transactions and referrals, sign fees, transaction fee, and any additional marketing fees.
This is a great way for agents to keep more money in their pocket. If you do not need an office setting this is a great way for you to work with our brand, have the support we provide, and run your business while keeping more of the hard-earned commissions. Call or email us today for more information.
To sign up or talk with us about our work from home program contact us at or call at 408-781-4954.


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